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Bungalow Suite

Our Bungalow model measures 5 by 9 meters, taking 45m2 from your lot. The spacious terrace is facing the ocean which guarantees beautiful sunsets. The Bungalow model is available in one and two bedrooms. The price for the extra bedroom is only P50,000.

The Bungalow Model can enter the property management program making money while you are away.

This model will fit on every lot, so no minimum lot size required.


One Bedroom Bungalow
               Two Bedroom Bungalow
Living room      18,8 m2                      Living room     14,0 m2
  including kitchen
Bedroom 8,8 m2   Bedroom 1 8,8 m2  
Bathroom 3,0  m2   Bedroom 2 5,0 m2  
Deck 12,3 m2   Bathroom 2,5 m2  
        Deck 12,3 m2  


Bungalow & Lot Package (Philippine Peso)             
Bungalow     1.500.000    
Lot   1.120.000 140m2   
Investment   2.620.000    
Reservation Fee   20.000    
20% Down Payment*  


Balance   2.080.000    
Months   60  120 180 
Instalment    43.754  26.933     21.807    

* Down Payment is possible in 6 months interest free - restrictions apply

This sample computation based on our current prices is meant for example purposes only.

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